Saturday, July 17, 2010

Palin for President?

Speculation is rampant as to whether Sarah Palin will pop back into politics in 2012. Some say it's inevitable - what else could she be planning with the millions that SarahPAC is raising? Some say she can't win. Others say it's too soon. But it certainly seems that a 2012 ticket is looming on the horizon. And I say she should go for it.

photo courtesy of Sarah Palin's Facebook

Back before the 2008 elections, listening to Mike Huckabee got me interested in politics. I liked what he was saying, and for the first time politics was something more than some lofty, ill-defined concept that only my parents cared about. I started paying attention when we watched the news every night.

But it was Sarah who really got me into it. I still have her VP nomination speech on my iPod. I really felt (and still feel) a personal connection to her. It was through her charismatic interviews and speeches, "you betchas" and all, that I pursued and became fully aware of my political and personal values. The cheerful, unapologetic manner with which she conducts herself seemed so different than the stiff, stodgy old men I recognized as traditional politicians. To her, it's all right to be a country girl, to love America, and to be a strong, outspoken conservative woman. Sarah Palin was something new and exciting for me.

Granted, there are women like Michele Bachmann and Jan Brewer, and there are the newly crowned "mama grizzlies," but still there is no one else like Sarah Palin.

And her prospects are looking better and better. As President Obama's approval ratings are sinking, Palin's fan base is growing. A recent PPP poll shows Palin and Obama tied in a hypothetical 2012 race.

Former Bush and McCain media advisor Mark McKinnon wrote of Sarah Palin, "This one inspires deep loyalty, and deep fear." That fear is evident, as the Left still resorts to the same cheap tactics they used when Palin first entered the political scene: assaults against her intelligence, her experience, and her conservative beliefs. Precious few of their allegations stand up to scrutiny (remind me again what exactly a community organizer does that's better than having actual executive experience?), and yet the media continues to propagate them. I don't think they realize that with each petty dig, Palin's followers grow in both loyalty and numbers. She exerts a staggering command over the conservative sector of America.

McKinnon also said that it was impossible for Sarah Palin to win the general election if nominated. But just remember that Ronald Reagan unsuccessfully sought the nomination twice. But when he did win, it came at exactly the right time.

History has a funny habit of repeating itself. Maybe it’ll happen again with Sarah.

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  1. You know the one thing about liberal's that annoy me? They make me feel BAD for being a conservative and liking Sarah'd think that the way that the liberals talk is that she's the worst person in the entire country. :/