Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feeling stimulated?

Remember that picture I tweeted a few days ago? The stimulus sign that popped up near where I live? Well, at least we know the $787 billion stimulus package has created at least one job - someone to take off the Obama-is-a-Socialist-Joker stickers that reappear out of nowhere every few days.

Here it was then:

And this is it now:

'Nuff said.

UPDATE 7/21: Sticker's gone again.


  1. *giggle snort* HEH!

    It's funny you posted this because I was just watching the news and they were talking about how unemployment is still bad and that the stimulus package should have been bigger...WHAT THE HECK?! It's been almost 2 years, you'd think we'd at least be doing a LITTLE better with all the money that they put into that Bill. :/

  2. That's perfect. There is one of those signs along the roadway near where I work. I've wanted to take a chain saw to one of the legs, but the Obama poster! I need to get one of those!!