Sunday, August 22, 2010

Candidate Profile: Dr. Donna Campbell

Running for: House of Representatives, Texas District 25

Primary: March 2, won with 69.9%

Notable Endorsements: Texas Alliance for Life, Central Texas Republican Assembly, Team America PAC, John Cornyn, Jerry Patterson (Texas Land Commissioner), Dick Morris

Background: Born to hardworking parents in San Diego, California, Donna Campbell worked her way through high school and college before becoming an emergency room medical director and ophthalmologist.

Issue Breakdown:
  • Abortion: Pro-life
  • The Economy: Stop uncontrolled government spending, reduce deficit
  • Education: Wants greater parental choice, less bureaucratic interference, control back to families and away from the government
  • Energy: Supports domestic drilling and diversification, opposes cap and trade
  • Healthcare: Opposes ObamaCare
  • Immigration: Border security a priority, opposes amnesty
  • National Defense: Supports strong, fully-funded military, opposes civilian trials for terrorists & enemy combatants
  • Taxes: Supports tax code simplification, lower taxes, fair tax, taxation on consumption rather than income
My Assessment: Where Lloyd Doggett promotes Washington liberals’ progressive agendas, Donna Campbell promises fiscal responsibility. Where Doggett literally runs away from unhappy voters, Campbell promises accountability. Where Doggett is a career politician with agendas and strings to pull, Campbell is an ordinary citizen who is concerned with the direction in which our government is going.

Donna Campbell will keep the government answering to the Constitution. She brings real-world experience to politics; her medical background gives her an especially unique perspective on the Obama administration’s healthcare plan.

Future redistricting may weaken Lloyd Doggett’s hold on this area of Texas, but until that happens, we need to “dump Doggett.” His progressive ideals are both destructive to and ignorant of his constituents. Donna Campbell promises real leadership and accountability – she is the kind of congresswoman we need in District 25.

In Her Words:

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  1. Oh sweet! A Pro-life woman, woot! :D Now I just wish I lived in Texas. :P Thanks!


  2. Wow, she looks really good (as a candidate, I'm saying).

    Hey, the videos are great but it is a lot of code. That does slow the download time a lot, making it hard to just pop in and check out the site.

    Just an FYI.