Friday, September 10, 2010

Nikki Haley on ObamaCare

Just got off of a 10-minute live chat with Nikki Haley. Here's her answer to my question if anyone's interested.

How will you work to defeat ObamaCare?

I will fight against Obamacare by getting a coalition of Govs together
We will let the Federal govt know that the answer to the healthcare problems
are not by mandating healthcare but by incentivizing small businesses to offer health care
by having a strong tort reform system like Texas
by reforming Medicaid
and asking the Federal govt to allow insurance cos to cross state lines

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Note to My Dear Readers

Dear readers,

I haven't been at this long, but already it seems I'm running out of steam.

I've suddenly become ridiculously busy with homework, starting a new organization at school, homework, getting involved with College Republicans, homework, and all my other activities... and consequently I have very little time to devote to this blog. I'm certainly not going to stop writing - in fact I'm probably writing more now than I ever have - but at the moment I have other priorities. I hope I won't disappear permanently, I just wanted to apologize for my absence.

This blog has done wonderful, wonderful things for me: It's given me an outlet to further develop my political ideology and presented me with some real career opportunities. So thanks to you, my readers and commenters, for your support and encouragement.



Sunday, August 22, 2010

Candidate Profile: Dr. Donna Campbell

Running for: House of Representatives, Texas District 25

Primary: March 2, won with 69.9%

Notable Endorsements: Texas Alliance for Life, Central Texas Republican Assembly, Team America PAC, John Cornyn, Jerry Patterson (Texas Land Commissioner), Dick Morris

Background: Born to hardworking parents in San Diego, California, Donna Campbell worked her way through high school and college before becoming an emergency room medical director and ophthalmologist.

Issue Breakdown:
  • Abortion: Pro-life
  • The Economy: Stop uncontrolled government spending, reduce deficit
  • Education: Wants greater parental choice, less bureaucratic interference, control back to families and away from the government
  • Energy: Supports domestic drilling and diversification, opposes cap and trade
  • Healthcare: Opposes ObamaCare
  • Immigration: Border security a priority, opposes amnesty
  • National Defense: Supports strong, fully-funded military, opposes civilian trials for terrorists & enemy combatants
  • Taxes: Supports tax code simplification, lower taxes, fair tax, taxation on consumption rather than income
My Assessment: Where Lloyd Doggett promotes Washington liberals’ progressive agendas, Donna Campbell promises fiscal responsibility. Where Doggett literally runs away from unhappy voters, Campbell promises accountability. Where Doggett is a career politician with agendas and strings to pull, Campbell is an ordinary citizen who is concerned with the direction in which our government is going.

Donna Campbell will keep the government answering to the Constitution. She brings real-world experience to politics; her medical background gives her an especially unique perspective on the Obama administration’s healthcare plan.

Future redistricting may weaken Lloyd Doggett’s hold on this area of Texas, but until that happens, we need to “dump Doggett.” His progressive ideals are both destructive to and ignorant of his constituents. Donna Campbell promises real leadership and accountability – she is the kind of congresswoman we need in District 25.

In Her Words:

On the Web: Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Flickr

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hands Off Texas!

Last night I attended the Hands Off Texas rally at the capitol... "Nice to be among like-minded company for a change," as one woman put it.

I've posted pictures of some of the best signs at my Flickr page. Here are a few samples:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pro-Choice Hypocrisy

Widely heralded as an intensely philosophical, very "real" analysis of humanity and its problems, Battlestar Galactica is one of the only science fiction television shows that ever drew mainstream attention. And to some extent, I agree with the critics that heap praise upon the series. Battlestar is generally very satisfying to watch, with compelling characters and a plot so intricate that you never quite know who's on which side. And, admittedly, the show does an excellent job of addressing social issues without smacking its viewers in the face with an agenda.

That is, until the abortion episode.

Here's the long story short: Sharon is a cylon, a bad-guy robot. She and Helo, a human, conceive a child (before he knows that she's a cylon). Since the cylons are hell-bent on destroying the human race, a hybrid baby would undoubtedly pose a serious security threat. When the powers that be discover Sharon is pregnant, they decide to terminate the pregnancy in order to protect the fleet.

The only character who shows any reservations regarding the abortion is Sarah Porter, a representative from Gemenon, a religious faction equivalent to Christian creationists. Porter is unsympathetically portrayed as an uneducated, totally irrational religious fanatic. It is considered preposterous that anyone would object to abortion, so she is written off as unreasonable.

With the Bible-thumping (or "sacred scroll-thumping," as the case might be) lunatic out of the way, the consensus is quite clear: abort.

In the end, the baby is allowed to live, but only because of a blanket abortion ban intended to keep the dwindling human race, now short of 50,000 souls, afloat. The President announces this new law to the press with tears in her eyes, selflessly defying her own beliefs to protect the greater good. The orchestral music swells, the camera pans out dramatically, and we are clearly supposed to be filled with pride and respect for the fleet's fearless leader.

In the very next episode when the child is born, security concerns must again be addressed. And everyone is horrified that one might even consider killing the child.

In its quest to analyze and call judgment on social issues, Battlestar inadvertently revealed the hypocrisy of pro-choice philosophy.

The concept that a child is not really a "child" until birth is totally unfounded. Is the word "baby" defined as a young human, with the condition that it has been born? No. Does morality suddenly kick in the moment a baby's head pops through the birth canal? No. Does a pregnant woman say that a cluster of cells are multiplying in her belly? No, she is "with child." She is "having a baby."

Doctor Zero wrote that abortion supporters, particularly young men, "find it easy to dismiss the entire issue by talking about 'a woman’s right to choose,' which simultaneously allows them to sound enlightened… and lets them off the hook for doing any serious thinking, or defending a morally serious but difficult position."

The Declaration of Independence defines a human being's natural rights, rights which are inherent just for being a human: "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  


Never mind the "right to privacy" or the "right to choose" or the "right of a woman to control her body." A child is a child, whether it has been born yet or not. To kill an unborn child, or to condone such a procedure, is a shameless act of disrespect for human life. By committing an abortion, you are destroying a human soul and denying an innocent child the right to live.

This country cannot and will not live up to its professed assurance of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" until abortion is made expressly illegal. There is no excuse for killing a child.

No moral system can survive under the weight of pro-choice hypocrisy.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Seven Reasons I'm Looking Forward to November

1. Nancy Pelosi

2. Harry Reid

3. Charlie Crist

4. Lloyd Doggett

5. Ciro Rodriguez

6. Barbara Boxer

7. Thanksgiving

Excited yet?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feeling stimulated?

Remember that picture I tweeted a few days ago? The stimulus sign that popped up near where I live? Well, at least we know the $787 billion stimulus package has created at least one job - someone to take off the Obama-is-a-Socialist-Joker stickers that reappear out of nowhere every few days.

Here it was then:

And this is it now:

'Nuff said.

UPDATE 7/21: Sticker's gone again.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Ford, I lift your name on high..."

One of my favorite comedians on what happens when churches sell out to corporations:

Check out Tim Hawkins' YouTube channel for more hysterical videos!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Palin for President?

Speculation is rampant as to whether Sarah Palin will pop back into politics in 2012. Some say it's inevitable - what else could she be planning with the millions that SarahPAC is raising? Some say she can't win. Others say it's too soon. But it certainly seems that a 2012 ticket is looming on the horizon. And I say she should go for it.

photo courtesy of Sarah Palin's Facebook

Back before the 2008 elections, listening to Mike Huckabee got me interested in politics. I liked what he was saying, and for the first time politics was something more than some lofty, ill-defined concept that only my parents cared about. I started paying attention when we watched the news every night.

But it was Sarah who really got me into it. I still have her VP nomination speech on my iPod. I really felt (and still feel) a personal connection to her. It was through her charismatic interviews and speeches, "you betchas" and all, that I pursued and became fully aware of my political and personal values. The cheerful, unapologetic manner with which she conducts herself seemed so different than the stiff, stodgy old men I recognized as traditional politicians. To her, it's all right to be a country girl, to love America, and to be a strong, outspoken conservative woman. Sarah Palin was something new and exciting for me.

Granted, there are women like Michele Bachmann and Jan Brewer, and there are the newly crowned "mama grizzlies," but still there is no one else like Sarah Palin.

And her prospects are looking better and better. As President Obama's approval ratings are sinking, Palin's fan base is growing. A recent PPP poll shows Palin and Obama tied in a hypothetical 2012 race.

Former Bush and McCain media advisor Mark McKinnon wrote of Sarah Palin, "This one inspires deep loyalty, and deep fear." That fear is evident, as the Left still resorts to the same cheap tactics they used when Palin first entered the political scene: assaults against her intelligence, her experience, and her conservative beliefs. Precious few of their allegations stand up to scrutiny (remind me again what exactly a community organizer does that's better than having actual executive experience?), and yet the media continues to propagate them. I don't think they realize that with each petty dig, Palin's followers grow in both loyalty and numbers. She exerts a staggering command over the conservative sector of America.

McKinnon also said that it was impossible for Sarah Palin to win the general election if nominated. But just remember that Ronald Reagan unsuccessfully sought the nomination twice. But when he did win, it came at exactly the right time.

History has a funny habit of repeating itself. Maybe it’ll happen again with Sarah.